Enterprise DDOS Protection

Dash Networks’s Enterprise on-premise, intelligent DDOS solution ensures business continuity so that your site remains online even while being attacked. In 2014 alone, DDOS attacks costed businesses over a billion dollars in service interruptions. Unpredictable and extended downtime due to not being protected disrupts business continuity and guarantees customer dissatisfaction. Dash Networks can protect your business.

Our multi-faceted solution protects against common flood attacks as well as complex layer 4-7 protocol and application attacks. Dash Networks begins by observing attacks at the network border and routing the traffic to our on-site traffic filtering scrubber. Through sophisticated heuristic filtering, our traffic scrubber analyzes the origin and nature of traffic packets and drops malicious traffic. Legitimate traffic is permitted to pass through the filter to your server.

A DDOS protection plan saves your business money through resilience to service interruptions. Dash Networks saved it’s customers millions of dollars to date by ensuring that critical services remained online and available through massive DDOS attacks.

  • Layer 4-7 Protection
  • 100+ Gbps Capacity
  • Instant Protection
  • Globally Available
Let us know your requirements, a DDOS Specialist will contact you for a solution review.